To guarantee all customers a safe and peaceful stay, we inform you that we are completing all the cleaning and sanitizing works of the structure (rooms and common areas) with bactericidal disinfectant detergent - medical surgical device - Reg. No. 18534 Ministry of Health.

Each room, before the arrival of each guest, will be treated with:

90 ° alcohol-based bactericidal detergents diluted at least 70%

Bactericidal UV lamp for 3o minutes.

Sterilization with sodium hypochlorite vaporizer.

Breakfast room and common areas will be sterilized daily with bactericidal detergent and sodium hypochlorite based vaporizer.

At the time of check-in, each guest will be measured the temperature and if they do not have it, we will provide each client with a surgical mask and gloves.

Our slogan is to stay safely at Palazzo la Loggia summer 2020