~Welcome to the ancient residence of Palazzo la Loggia ~

Palazzo La Loggia, an ancient renaissance farmhouse, has retained the original features and atmosphere of a time. Our guests will find tranquility and relaxation in a structure with 3 double rooms and a suite, completely restored according to the typical 16th century style.

On the first floor of the palace you will find the B & B Piccolo Antico Mondo, a structure with 3 double bedrooms very cool in summer and warm in winter with internal service and color TV. The furnishings were made according to the typical style of the era, with special care.

* Possibility to rent the large outdoor green space attached to the facility for any kind of event, and indoor meeting room, business lunches, meetings (up to 50 seats) *

~ The Palace and its History ~

Palace “La Loggia” overlooks the main square of the village of Barisciano located 18 km from the Aquila, on the S.S. 17 Appulo-Sannitica, lying on the slopes of the mountain of Selva (1623 m), southern slope of the Gran Sasso group …
Barisciano, in addition to having the advantage of belonging to an area of ​​great environmental value such as the Gran Sasso Park and Monti della Laga, enjoys an enviable geographical position.
It is located at an altitude of 940 meters, on the slopes of a tree-lined hill whose summits swell the ruins of its medieval castle.
In the historic center of the town of Barisciano we find Palazzo “La Loggia”, a typical building that has stylistic and constructive features that can be attributed both to the sixteenth century and to the sixteenth-eighteenth century.
Of particular historical-artistic significance is the Loggia on the 1st floor, with all-round arches, in stone, which represents the typical gentile construction of the Aeolian families in that period. On the ground floor there are stone foundations with barrel vaults and round arches. Access to the structure from a large courtyard in front, crossing a imposing stone portal, dating back to 1789, full of archaic features of Renaissance features. They are on both the 1st floor and the mezzanine floor framed windows, with sills supported by two capitals. Inside, on the 2nd floor, there are stucco and vaulted decorations and pavilions, probably eighteenth-century remodeling.
Owner news has been around since the late 1700s when the Pasquali family moved from the Aquila to Barisciano. It was then owned by Angelo Pasquali and her daughters Marianna, wife of Vincenzo Tursini.
From that marriage was born Antonietta, bride of Remigio Del Grasso. From their union were born Claudio, Ilio, Aldo, Vinicia, Amelia and Rita, the last to live the property.
Subsequently part of the property was used as a hotel and trattoria with the name of “Villa delle Rose”.
In 2002 the building passed to Amelia Del Grasso and from this to his sons Adriano and Antonio Marzaro, current owners.
Since 2006, Marzaro brothers have decided to renovate the palace inherited from their mother, in order not to lose the tradition of family linked to catering and hospitality for years.
Therefore, with huge sacrifice, they have decided to restructure this immobile, now eroded by time and dilapidated.
Today, after four years of hard work, we are faced with a small Renaissance oasis, a rethinking of past times, cared for in detail, admired, where to relax and appreciate the beauties of a late Renaissance culture and sixteenth-century . From here, the idea of ​​creating a home or residence for all those who are passionate about history, who are looking for moments of tranquility, who know how to appreciate the ancient flavors of a time, who are lovers of nature and the characteristic and exciting Abruzzo landscapes that surround the beautiful peak of Gran Sasso d’Italia.

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